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Exterior view of multifamily residential building; Mountain View, San Francisco bay area,

Insource Funding specializes in multifamily and commercial property financing, offering a streamlined alternative when traditional banks are not an option. Our process is designed for efficiency, enabling quick closings within 8-15 days and requiring minimal documentation. This service is tailored for real estate investors and mortgage brokers looking for a reliable funding source for owner-occupied or tenant-occupied spaces.

Multifamily & Commercial

Multifamily Financing
Commercial financin

Flexible Loan Terms for Multifamily & Commercial Properties

  • Loan Amounts: $150K - $5M

  • Loan To Value: 

    • ​Up to 90% CLTV For a Purchase

    • 65-75% LTV For a Refinance or Cash-Out

  • Loan Type: 30-Year Fixed rate, Interest Only Available

  • Property type: 5+ Unit Multifamily & Commercial Properties

  • No DSCR under $500,000.

    • .8 Debt Service Coverage Ratio if Owner Occupied

    • 1.0 If Tenant Occupied

  • Buy Down Options For Rate and Prepay Penalty

  • Portfolio loans Available

  • No Income or Employment Verification

  • 600 minimum FICO

  • Where we lend, Nationwide except: Nd, SD, NV, AZ, CA, ID, UT

 Hassle Free Process, We Make
Getting Your New Loan Simple

Quick Inquiry

Provide project details for initial assessment Below, and we'll let you know if we can assist you.

Prompt Approval

If it's a match, complete a two-minute online application.Review and sign the terms we send over.

Prepare for Closing

Step through the final phase of your loan process with ease, We'll  collect closing documents and schedule the closing date.





Take the next step in your investment journey with a lender committed to your success. Contact us or request a quote today

Why Insource Funding?


  • Speed: Experience rapid processing times, with pre-approval possible within an hour of application, ensuring you move quickly in a competitive market.

  • Light Documentation: Our No-Doc policy means minimal paperwork. Forget about tax returns, income verification, or extensive bank statements, and focus on what matters—your investments.

  • Quick Closings: With the ability to close deals within just 15 days, we eliminate the usual delays, enabling faster turnaround and greater investment agility.

  • Who do I contact for servicing inquiries?
    For any loan servicing inquiries, please contact : PHH Mortgage Services P.O.BOX 5954 SPRINGFIELD, OH 45501-5954 Tel: 1-800-936-8705
  • What type of Loans are offered by Insource Funding?
    Insource Funding offers short-term bridge financing, fix & flip loans, and 30-Year Fixed-Rate Loans. The rates are determined based on the borrower and the individual property. For more information about our rates and loan options, please Call us at 800-805-3391.
  • What type of documents are required?
    here is a list of the documents we will need. REO Schedule: A list of properties you currently own if any. If a purchase: we will need the sales Contract If a refinance: a payoff quote ( title can order this for you) Lease(s) – (if currently rented) ID:A copy of your Drivers license Insurance: agent contact information It's really that simple. However, depending on the specific circumstances of the borrower and the collateral involved, we may request additional documents and/or materials in certain cases
  • What type of properties can you finance ?
    The following property types are eligible for our rental loans: Single Family Residence (SFR) 2-4 Unit Properties Townhouse Multifamily Condos and apartments Commercial properties
  • Can you get a 30 year loan on an investment property?
    Yes, you can get a 30-year loan for investment residential or commercial properties.
  • Are reserves required the purchase of a rental property?
    We do not require reserves for any of our loan programs although, on a purchase, we may request a bank statement to verify that you have the necessary funds to close.
  • What is a Bridge Loan?
    bridge loans are short-term financing options that are used to "bridge" the gap between the purchase of a property and the long-term financing needed to repay the loan. These loans are typically used for real estate investments, such as fixing and flipping or renovation projects, and are issued for a period of up to 12-24 months.
  • Are bridge loans available for rental properties?
    Yes, bridge loans are available for rental properties. Bridge loans can be beneficial because they provide short-term financing to help real estate investors purchase or refinance properties quickly. This can be especially useful in situations where traditional financing options may not be available or take too long to secure. With a bridge loan, investors can bridge the gap between the purchase of a new property and the sale of an existing property, allowing them to take advantage of investment opportunities that may not be available otherwise..
  • Can I get an investment property loan in an LLC?
    Yes, it is possible to get an investment property loan in an LLC. Insource Funding offers loans to LLCs and other corporate entities for the purpose of acquiring, refinancing, or improving investment properties. As a borrower, you may choose to use an LLC to protect your personal assets and limit liability in case of legal issues related to the investment property. By working with Insource Funding, you can access flexible and competitive financing options for your real estate investment needs, even if you choose to invest through an LLC.
  • How many investment properties can I own?
    The number of investment properties you can own is not limited by Insource Funding. However, there may be other factors such as your financial situation and ability to manage multiple properties that could impact how many you can own. It is always best to consult with a financial advisor to determine what is best for your unique situation.
  • Is it possible to buy an investment property with a 10% down payment?
    Yes, at Insource Funding, you can finance your investment property with just 10% down through our Bridge or Rental Loan program which allows up to 90% CLTV. This means you have the opportunity to secure your investment property with a low down payment and have more capital to put towards other investments or expenses. Call us for more details 800-805--3391
  • How hard is it to refinance a rental property?
    With Insource Funding, refinancing your rental property has never been easier. Our flexible loan options range from $150,000 to $3,000,000, and boast loan-to-value ratios of 75-80%, making it simple to find a solution that works for you.
  • What are the upfront fees and costs?
    Insource Funding doesn’t charge any upfront fees during the application / pre-approval process. the only fee the borrower is required to pay is the appraisal fee.
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