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Hard Money Loans for Real Estate Investors


Stated Income, No Debt To Income Requirements

Interest Only Payments

No Pre Payment Penalty On The 1 year Term

Fast Valuation Process

Up to 80% LTV

Close quickly, 10-12 business days 


Why Use Bridge Financing?

Our Bridge Loans provide you short-term financing to "bridge" the gap between now and when you may be looking to qualify for more conventional financing, or for when you're looking to sell the property. And an added plus, it gives you the time and the opportunity to increase your FICO or improve your DTI.

We provide Bridge loans for various types of residential properties, including single-family homes and multi-unit projects. As a direct bridge lender, we have the expertise and resources to assist borrowers who wish to purchase property or refinance their current hard money loan. We also collaborate with real estate agents and mortgage brokers who want to help their clients secure private money financing., we offer Bridge loans for fix and flip projects. Whether you are an experienced property flipper or just starting out, Bridge loans can provide the necessary funding. They are an excellent option for real estate investors seeking to renovate a home, complete smaller remodeling projects, or diversify their portfolio through property holdings

Hard Money Loans for Real Estate Investors

Why Choose US For Bridge Loans?

There are many reasons why you may opt for a private bridge loan. For instance, if you were recently turned down for a loan from a traditional lender or bank, a bridge loan may be a viable option as private lenders focus on your equity instead of your financial history. Additionally, some people may choose a private lender for residential property because they are self-employed or have an insufficient employment history, which is often required by banks for loan approval. Insource Funding is proud to offer asset-based funding to individuals in such circumstances, providing access to the capital needed to launch your project. Unlike banks, which require extensive paperwork and months of approval time, we offer 24-hour loan approval and closings in 10-15 days. Our private capital allows for quick and flexible funding, something banks cannot offer. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, we serve savvy investors looking to buy, renovate, or flip properties with streamlined services to help secure their new property in no time!

When is it Appropriate to Get aBridge  Loan?

When evaluating financing options for real estate, it's crucial to understand when certain loans are most suitable. Bridge loans or residential hard money loans are an appropriate choice in several scenarios, including:

  1. Low credit score: If you have a low credit score, traditional lenders and banks may reject your application as they doubt your ability to repay the loan. At Insource Funding, we place greater emphasis on your property equity than your financial history.

  2. Urgent need for funds: If you're a real estate investor looking to secure a deal, having the ability to close quickly with the necessary funds can give you an edge over other bidders and attract sellers.

  3. Fix-and-flip projects: If you're focused on flipping houses, bridge loans are the ideal solution. Unlike banks, which base their loans on the original value of the property, private lenders consider the after-repair value, providing you with greater value for your investment.

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How do I Qualify for a Bridge Loan?

Our qualification process is straightforward, and we work closely with our clients to customize loan terms according to their specific needs. This ensures that you receive the best possible deal based on your financial situation.

With our residential bridge loans, you can benefit from a low interest rate starting at 8.5%**. We also finance up to 80% of the purchase price and cover 100% of the rehabilitation costs. Our knowledgeable staff members are available to discuss your real estate financing options, so reach out to us today for further exploration.

Choosing a Residential Bridge Lender

When choosing a lender for your bridge loan, trustworthiness is key. Real estate financing is a significant investment and it's essential to find a lender with a solid reputation. Insource Funding has a long history of successfully helping clients, mortgage brokers, and real estate agents in their real estate ventures with over $400 million in loans funded. With a proven track record of helping over a thousand individuals, you can feel confident in choosing Insource Funding for your lending needs. 

The Bottom Line

At Insource Funding, we strive to empower our clients to achieve their real estate goals. We offer a variety of loan options for various types of residential properties, including single-family homes, apartments, multi-unit projects, and fix and flip projects. Regardless of your credit history or previous financial difficulties, our team is here to help you move forward and invest in real estate. Our priority is to provide exceptional customer service and tailor our loan options to each individual's needs and equity. Contact us today and learn more about how we can help you achieve your real estate dreams.


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