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Best States for House Flipping for Profit in 2019.

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

By: Keith Clothier / Insource Funding

Top Markets For House Flipping In 2019

There is still great money to be made in house flipping in 2019. It’s all about picking the right strategy, location and having the right lender to make it happen.

In the first half of 2018, house flippers still made an average gross return of 44.3%, or $65,250 per deal. Only 32% of those where purchased as distressed sales according to ATTOM Data, while the number of investment properties on which financing was used has continued to increase.

The US property market has been changing significantly over the past year. That has many property investors wondering where the best markets are now. Where are the best states and cities to flip to keep up profits and expand to scale up volume?

Best States for House Flipping for Profit

According to CNBC’s ‘Make It’, the top states for flipping houses now are:

1. TN

2. PA

3. NJ

4. LA

5 CO

6. MD

7. VA

8. FL

9. IL

10. KY

Pennsylvania comes out top by ROI on a percentage basis, with an average return of 162.4%. Though Maryland comes out top on a dollar basis, with an average gross house flipping profit of almost $110,000.

The same rankings count these as the five worst states to flip houses.

1. MS

2. HI

3. MT

4. WY

5. SD

Best Cities for Fast House Flips

If your house flips are just taking too long, consider searching for faster paced markets. ATTOM says the shortest average time to flip houses can be found in these states.

1. Memphis, TN

2. Manchester, NH

3. Mobile, AL